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Margot August 22, 2023
"Lisa is a passionate and experienced instructor who really understands the balance between pushing yourself while still respecting your body’s skill level. After attending her classes for almost a year, my strength, balance and flexibility has doubled. I feel stronger than ever, my body is leaner, and my self esteem has improved as a result. Lisa’s energy always puts me in a good mood; completing one of her classes feels like an accomplishment in the best way!"
Malcolm August 22, 2023
"Ask yourself... Can you think of a time when you've sat still for 10 minutes and thought about nothing? Most of us can't..Well, this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a meditation mashup hosted by one of the coolest people I know. the beautiful and super talented @themindfulscroll. This sister is a mom, a wife, model, therapist and a meditation coach.. This particular session was focused on Creatives and cleaning out all of the junk that gets in the way of us doing so.. At one point we were asked to write down our "junk" so that it could be burned as a symbol of us letting go. I can honestly say in the moment I felt very relaxed and free. SO going forward I'm gonna do my best to implement this into my daily routine. 10 minutes a day to clear my head. Sort out the junk, acknowledge, tidy up and move on thanks for bringing me was needed. Thank you."
Annie S. August 22, 2023
"Elise, the lessons that you provide are beyond physical healing. Your energy is so warm, and your voice generates a high frequency, so we all get to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally. On top of this, I appreciate that you share your knowledge regarding human body anatomy. It is amazing! I feel “divine feminine” love throughout the class, so I cannot thank you enough!"
Danielle N. August 22, 2023
"I’ve always wanted to try Pilates but I had a fear of not being able to fit in or complete the exercises like those around me. My introductory class with Lisa changed all of that for me. I came in with hip pain and limited mobility and during the class, she made sure to address all my concerns and assist me whenever I struggled. After the introductory class, I was sold! I immediately purchased class passes and booked all my classes in advance just to see her. I’ve been going for about a month now and my mobility has improved, my pain has decreased and I am much more confident in class. Lisa is the reason I look forward to Saturday mornings. I feel seen, comfortable and challenged in her classes! Thank you Lisa for the encouragement and wonderful class culture."
Passion H. August 22, 2023
"As a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, I truly enjoyed the virtual meditation session facilitated by Ms. Raney. The experience was absolutely engaging and allowed us to create a safe calm space from the comfort of our homes. Prior to our session, I was very curious about how we would be able to connect with the activity virtually, but I quickly became a believer! I am so fortunate to have experienced both in-person and virtual sessions with Ms. Raney. She has an amazing spirit that allows you to be vulnerable and willing to submit to the process of healing yourself spiritually."
Sheila A. August 29, 2022
"OMG! Elise is an amazingly outstanding artist teacher.! In her classes she gives you a COMPLETE tailored experience! It's a ride that has kind words, a sweet soothing voice, beautiful personality, cool music and challenging postures that can be embraced by all levels. She is a little treasure in the yoga community that you do not want to miss out on! I love, love, love every class she shares with us. Her energy is unparalleled!! I cannot wait to go back each week!! I LOVE the Elise journey!"